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Car Insurance
When picking the right car insurance company in Suffolk County, New York, it can be mind-boggling because there are so many companies to choose from.  It seems as though every car insurance company on the market claims to have the lowest rate.  Many drivers are unaware about the variety of ways to reduce their car insurance rates.

Lower Car Insurance Premiums by Paying Upfront
One way to lower your car or auto insurance rate is to pay your premium upfront or in full.  Some companies will offer a discount when you pay your premium upfront for the entire year. If you decide to make monthly premium payments, make sure you submit your payments on time or before they are due.  Missing payments could result in insurance cancellation or a lapse. Cancellation will automatically increase your care insurance rates when you apply for new car or autoinsurance.

Defensive Driving Lowers Car Insurance Rates
Another way to help lower car insurance is to drive safely.  Speeding tickets and automobile accidents will automatically increase your premiums. Good drivers pay less than those who with blemished driving records.

Buying a Used Car? 
If so, buy a used car that has anti-lock brakes and anti-theft locks. Late model cars already have those features. You will want to check for these features on vehicles older than 12 years.