How Can a Single Person Get Health Insurance?

It goes without saying that everyone should have some form of health insurance. The obvious motivation is relief from crippling financial hardship due to unpaid medical bills. Consequently, obtaining health insurance can be challenging, particularly if you’re young and don’t ever get sick. So, how can a single person get health insurance?

Health Insurance Marketplace Obstacles

Another obstacle is the status quo. Many who suffer from economic challenges visit alternative places for medical treatment. The emergency room is a popular choice for many who get sick all of a sudden.

Visiting the emergency room is “on-demand” medical care at one of the most expensive price points. Getting insurance, even if you’re single, helps end this emergency room care as the status quo.

One of the main things insurance companies did for the consumer-facing part of the healthcare industry was set up a marketplace. Anyone, married, single, or otherwise has access to insurance plans on the federal insurance exchange.

Therefore, a single person need only enroll, sign up, pay the premium and go from there. With the help of the insurance providers they can no longer reject your coverage based on any pre-existing conditions. Incidentally, not rejecting a claim because of a pre-existing medical condition is part of a set of rights that insurance companies must provide for customers.